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About Burgh Heath Tandoori

Burgh Heath Tandoori has for a long time been a popular destination for Indian food lovers. Attracting fun and food lovers alike, our restaurant is the ultimate taste destination. If you are lucky enough to run through our doors by accident, you will find a gem that is like no other in the city. When at our premises, make sure you try the best flavours and tastes that the Indian cuisine has to offer. We have some highly rated dishes that are enjoyed by connoisseurs all around the world. The trip to our restaurant will thus be one of discovery for those not acquainted with the cuisine and one of inspiration for those who are aware of our unique work. We have an excellent team in the house to guide you through the different services that we offer. Discovering the ultimate items for your palate will thus be an exciting and satisfactory process. Burgh Heath Tandoori is a warm and welcoming restaurant. While at our premises, don’t leave without trying the various fruits and drinks that we provide. You will be more than happy to have explored every aspect of our services.

Burgh Heath Tandoori Restaurant

You are invited to visit us whenever you are in the area. We are located at 1 The Parade, Banstead, Tadworth, KT20 6AT. Enjoy a serene atmosphere while you feast on the best Indian takeaway in the city. Our excellent service provision and unique dishes will definitely make you fall in love with our restaurant. Access us at your own time and convenience by downloading our apps from the App Store or Google Play. Our customers can enjoy the fast food delivery service that we provide to all customers within our reaches too. Order today from the best restaurant in the city.


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